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Our Horse Boarding and Care Philosophy:
​Our first priority is the care and well being of your equine friend and partner.

Feeding:  Feeding schedules vary slightly depending on turnout times in the different seasons and outdoor temperatures.

Turnout: In the winter horses go out during the day, weather permitting. If there is alot of ice or snow and it is dangerous to walk to the fields or turnout paddocks, then horses go out in the indoor. If it is muddy and just too sloppy to go out int he fields then we rotate turnout in groups of 3-4 in our 3 new paddocks. 

I have one 8 acre pasture, a 14 acre pasture, and 3 turnout paddocks. Both pastures have automatic waterers and the paddocks have water troughs.

Mares go out in one field and geldings in the other. We have horse ages from weanling to 31. Since our pastures are so large we do not usually have problems with wierd social behaviors associated with small lots and many horses. When problems arise we do are best to fix them.

Blanketing: Due to the insulation in the main barn, this building is usually about 15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. When temps get down below 25F then we run a heater to keep it 30F or warmer in the main horse barn. We are more than happy to put blankets on around 30F and take them off if it warms up. We are not set up at this time to switch blankets from heavy to medium to sheet. You are more than welcome to discuss this and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please keep in mind that hot and cold testing done by the university has shown that horses are happy in a dry hair coat without wind down to 18F and in a we hair coat down to 55F if they are left to grow a winter coat.

Supplements and Feed Types: We are more than happy to give packaged supplements to your horse with their morning feed. We currently offer 3 types of feed: Strategy, Equine Senior, and a 12% Sweet Feed. Our hay is grown right on our farm and the hay analysis can be seen on the hay sales page.

Overnight Care: We live and work on the farm. All horses are checked around 11 PM before we go to bed.

Emergency Care: All boarders fill out an emergency care form that tells us what your wishes are in the event of an emergency. If there is an emergency we will do our best to contact you. In the event you can't be reached we will follow your wishes as stated on the form. Your horse will not stand in the stall, waiting for you to call us, we will contact the vet and start care while you are located in accordance with your wishes. 

Your horse is our top priority. Thank you for considering NAGEC. Our goal is for both you and your equine friend to have a wonderful experience with us at the farm.

Carrie Ryan
NAGEC Barn Manager